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The e-commerce.

Reinstall the shop?


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Can someone please tell me how I can backup my shop/admin, then reinstall the whole thing from the beginning?


I have a few pages with errors on them and can't figure out how to fix them. I'd like to save my site, reinstall osCommerce, and start from the beginning with those few clean pages.


I've already been pointed to CVS (http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/tep/) on this thread (http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=66614) but I can't figure out CVS, and I'm going CRAZY with this already. I need to get this site working.


Thanks so much,


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-Download and archive your OLD shop....

-Ditto for the database (if you made any major changes or added alot of products)


-Remove/delete all files from your server. Dump or clear out the Database.


-Go BACK to your orginal package you started with and unachive it and setup the way you want - ie: remove the DOCS - add back in any images and such....


-Upload the WHOLE shebang back up and then reinstall....






-To add back any changes - use a FILE COMPARE tool like Beyond Compare to check file version and add in any changes from your OLD store - go backup to TEST and repeat - if not go back to a bit older backup..

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JPF-- thanks for your tips, I will go through this process and try it later today, if no one steps forward to email me original files.

One question-- how do I backup the database? I know how to find the catalog and admin files, but am not sure about the db.


thanks again


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Which files? Download a whole copy from the site:


Thanks so much-- downloaded a fresh copy.


the file I think I need isn't in there.


When a new acct is created, the page that is returned is create_account_process.php (this page is being returned blank, and the new acct is not created).

I don't know if the error is on this page or not, but I thought it would make sense to replace it and see if it worked. However, there isn't a copy of this page in the new bundle I download.

Any ideas??


Thanks again for everyone's help!!

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I think you have an OLD version.... MS1?? or CVS-snapshot? This file has been discounuded use in newer version....


Take a look at your APPLICATION_TOP.PHP file..


look for:


// define the project version

define('PROJECT_VERSION', 'osCommerce 2.2-XXXXXX');


Which version you have (what is in the XXX part)?

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jpf, you rock, thanks for your help.


It says:

// Define the project version

define('PROJECT_VERSION', 'Preview Release 2.2-CVS');


So it seems like it's not an older version?? So what could the deal be with that create_account_process.php file being missing??


Also, in your opinion, do you think the prob might be with create_account.php? Or some other file?


Oy vey.


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The Attic version of that file (same file version) is completely different from the one I have.

What the HECK is going on.


I am stuck, and stumped.


Does anyone have any ideas?

I reinstalled the original create_account.php file and tested it; get the same error, so I know the problem isn't with that file. The problem is with create_account_process.php, and I don't know how to figure out what's going wrong.




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You have a pre-Milestone version....(close to a year old or more)....


Who installed this? Where is the orginal files? What mods was added?

Did you have a backup anywhere? Did anything change on the server? (upgrade??)


Other that that I don't know what to say....


I think 'tiss broke - resinstall a new verison - keep a copy of the orginal (upload a copy into the admin...) for safe keeping.


Compare and Upgrade your DB to latest struture....

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