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register_globals and milestone 3


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I've just found out that the hosting company I am using has register_globals disabled in the php.ini. Searching the forums shows that this problem is being 'fixed' for milestone 3.


Does the latest snapshot include this fix?


Do I download the whole snapshot and upload that in place of my existing 2.2?


How safe is this snapshot?


Any advice much appreciated. I have a deadline to keep and have been developing on my own server without problems. This is now a major headache.

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Short term - Ask you host to turn on just for your site. Or MOVE (PM me for suggestion if you want - free or low cost hosting that support this)


Snap shots may be consider "unstable" the CURRENT snaps shot has all the catalog requirment of register_globals removed - but not the ADMIN yet (Still a WORK in progress). Development (CVS) version are not recommended - unless your OKAY to fix anything that goes wrong....


Note: MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 and CVS are ALL version 2.2! (Version 2.2 is not complete yet - that will be after MS4!) The last STABLE version was 2.1

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I'm trying to get the host to turn it on for me. The guy "has to get permission from his superiors" :huh: Thing is, I have other sites with them that have it on by default I've just found out with phpinfo(). So I'm hopeful.


So, from a coding point of view, what needs changing still in Admin? I'm just thinking if necessary could I hack it myself? The site needs to be online by Monday you see, so if I have to move hosts as well I'll be struggling.


Thanks again.

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If you have "other sites" with this same host and they are showing "register_globals=on" then ASK to have this site MOVED (assuming they are all virtual hosting solution) to the same physical server!


This would be quickest and they can point the DNS right away to the correct site.



Why they have differnt servers with "register_globals" on and off ---- the newer servers with a new install of PHP (4.2+) has PHP.INI "register_globals=off" as a default...where as older server with installed version of PHP 4.1 (or upgraded on this) or eariler versons will have "register_globals=on" as a default - unless they "manually" turn it off.

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I thought the milestones were a somewhat stable version of the 2.2 till its completed.


2.1 is too old and dont see so much support for it unless i missed something.

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