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Installation Problem


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what is this? i get it every time i try to install. i've tried modifying permissions, reuploading.




The following error has occurred:




The configuration files do not exist, or permission levels are not set.


Please perform the following actions:

cd /hsphere/local/home/pride/pridebowl.org/store/includes/

touch configure.php

chmod 706 configure.php



cd /hsphere/local/home/pride/pridebowl.org/store/admin/includes/

touch configure.php

chmod 706 configure.php



If chmod 706 does not work, please try chmod 777.



If you are running this installation procedure under a Microsoft Windows environment, try renaming the existing configuration file so a new file can be created.

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ah crap. i guess it would help if I read a little closer. I had only changed permissions on the includes/configure.php


and missed the:



changed permissions on both files and configuration was able to complete!




BUNNY: I'm using Fetch FTP on Mac OSX and it allows you to set permissions on files while giving you the UNIX CHMOD values (706, 777, etc.) Get an ftp program (there is probably a free on for Windows) and you should be able to set permissions.


Here is the schema:


Owner = read, write, search/execute

Everyone = read, write



Owner = read, write, search/execute

Group = read, write, search/execute

Everyone = read, write, search/execute

(basically all boxes checked)


you will understand once you see the permissions settings in the FTP program.

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My hosting company has a "File Manager" I can click on "edit permissions" after selecting the file and a permission box appears. It is separated into 3 catagories:





Each catagory has permissions:





setting a catagory to have all permissions makes a total of 7. Just read and write = 6. Just read = 2 (you can mix them up as well.)


So setting all of them to have all permissions creates a 777. 706 means (at least for me) User has all permissions; group has none; World has read, write.


I think that's right. I remembering from about an hour ago when I had same problem.



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