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Sales Tax Set Up


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I am sure this has been asked a thousand times. I hae found manypost but to tell you the truth I can make heads or tails of them. I simply want to get set up to charge sales tax in SC and then eventual in AZ. I have set up a SC tax and applicable tax classes. The only zone I currently have sent up is SC. I get tax charged correctly on purchases in SC, but the system also charges taxes on people living outside the state. How can I fix that?


Also, both South Carolina and Arizona have different rates depending on the city that someone lives in. Is there any way to configure that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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To set up OSC to charge tax for your state or states and not anyone outside your taxable area you need to set up the following things;


1) Go into Admin - Locations/Taxes

2) Go into Zones

3) If you need to have city taxes on top of state taxes you will need to set up a new zone for that. Click new zone. Pick a zone name, code, and pick your country. (example; I have a store in Fargo ND. So I set up the zone as follows; North Dakota - Fargo with a noze code of ND. USA as country.

4) Next go into Tax Zones and click insert. (This is where the system decides to charge tax or not depending on customers address. If it finds a State code that matches your zone it applies the tax.) So be sure that anywhere you need to have taxes charged is listed in this table!

5) Click on the entry folder (to the left) to enter the zone defenition. NOTE: This is where most of the trouble is when users can't get the tax table to work! Gotta do this one extra step!) Within this tax zone click insert, pick your country, and then the dropdown list for your zones should now show the zones you have set up. (in my example I would choose North Dakota - Fargo)

6) Next click on Tax Rates in the admin panel. Here you will set up the actual taxable percentage rate for that zone. Click new tax rate, pcik your tax class, zone, (the one you JUST created) and enter the rate (i.e. 6.00%), and a description (i.e. ND Tax 6.00%), and pick a priority (just put 1 for now).

7) Click insert and your done.


These steps are all neccessary to set up a custom tax rate for a new zone. Using this will allow you to charge taxes for any state/city that your required to and no tax will get charged for anyone out of your geo-zone.


I hope this helps explain it a bit more for you.


Good luck.

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