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Product attributes


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I have a product listed at a price of 1 euro.


I want to add a product attribute e.g.

Quantity 100 this should equal to 100 euro.

Quantity 200 this should equal to 200 euro.


But if I put a + in the attributes total will be = 101 or 201.


I tried to put a * put a total of -99 euro.


Anyone know how to get the multiply to work, so that I will get


Quantity 100 = 100 euro.

Quantity 200 = 200 euro.

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if i'm understanding it correctly you would want to have atrributes like the following:


if you set the product equal to 1 euro then had the product attributes setup so that 100 units is +99.00 and 200 units is +199 it would show up like this in the product info page:


100 Units (+99.00)

200 Units (+199.00)


and that should be correct (because it will add the 1 euro to the 99.00).


however if you want it to be displayed as:


100 Units (100.00)

200 Units (200.00)


you would have to edit the product_info.php page to display it as total instead of the price difference. there are a couple posts about it if you search.

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That has been covered too, if you do the right search, and would be useful if you were to ever raise the price. There is this contrib, but it looks quite old, and may not work with ms2 : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,721


I just searched, and a user has reported that this mod works for him on a 2.2 store.



ps I searched for +products +attributes +multiply

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