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The e-commerce.

A few (probably stupid) questions


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Hey, im trying to setup a shop to sell some programs. I have installed the script, got it to use paypal and use ? instead of $ , but i still have a few questions.


At the bottem of the Products Attributes page, what should i put there? it isnt very clear. I tried putting gallery.zip in the filename textbox, but on the preview page, it still says "Warning: No file uploaded." .


How can i test if its all working, withough spending money? i want to make sure that its all working ok, but i dont want to be charged.


What should i do to setup paypal? I clicked to set it as the module thing, but when i tried to test it out, withought actualy paying, the amount of money box was empty, surely they could put 1p in and still download?!


What legal things should i worry about? Do i need to worry about taxes and things?


Sorry if im asking silly questions, but im pretty new. Thanks , David

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