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phpesp survey integration


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I am working on a contrib for phpesp which is a very good survey script. So far I have it installed and working great.

You can see it here http://www.videogamedeals.com/survey.php


I run ms1 and I still have a lot of changes to make but I hope to make this a contrib soon. One thing I would love to see is that when someone completes a survey they go to a coupon page or even better...get sent a gift voucher.


Anyways take a look. It didnt take me long to install it. But the admin section is not part of OSCadmin yet...


This is a live site but the survey is just a test. I havent added a link or box for it from the site. You can only access it directly.


Any feedback on how we can implement this?

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I am very interested in this softare (checked it out on SourceForge and it looks really great!) and integrating it into OSC.


Check out a demo of the admin side of the software here:



I'd imagine that it would have to be integrated as a module, and would need to be linked into the OSC admin to both create the surveys and view reports, right? That would be the very basic version. Installing the Credit Class & Gift Vouchers module and automatically emailing the survey takers with a coupon would be the next step. Finally, I'd love to have the surveys appended to customer accounts.


I'm wonderig myself about approaching it from the customer account angle. It shouldn't be difficult to "extend" the account signup form with survey fields, that would be step one. Step two would be pulling the results together into integrated report. Step three would be developing an admin side with the ability to create the surveys.

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