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PayPal Button vs. paypal.php


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Here is a question for the gurus.


Can catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal.php be modified to be called on to sell just one single item without having to query the database?


If so, then what needs to be stripped? And added?


It's a far-out question, but I have my reasons......

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OK, I take it back...it was a dumb question. So, let's try this again!


I modified "login.php" by changing the URL of the "Continue Button" link to send the client to PayPal instead of going to create_account.php, and, when they finish at PayPal, they are redirected back to complete the registration process at create_account.php. It works seamlessly!


The only problem is the security flaw in using this method. If one happens to peek behind the scenes at the source code of login.php, one can see the button code (and the exposed URLs) and bypass the transaction process completely.


Is there a way another way to call the Url from another file locally?

Could I create an empty page and use a redirect in my server? Hmmm!


I tried the "PayPal Order Guard Generator" but I can't figure out how to make Javascript & PHP coexist peacefully. Besides, it seems like (&$%*) way around this issue.


Any insights on masking? Or veiling? Or auto-redirect? .. .. .. .. .. I am only selling a monthly Membership to access the website content. I am using the Catalog portion to load all my Actors/Performers, so there are no sales involved.

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