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Help with permissions on directories


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Searched the forum and had not seen my issue:


I am installing multiple copies of OSC on a Linux box that is using Ensim Webpliance Pro with Power Tools.


Power Tools is a nice 1 click install for OSC and some other OS products.


When I go to change/edit/upload banners or products I get permission errors of various flavors, ie.


graphs directory is not writable (for banner manager)

i cannot write to this file. Please set the right user permissions on: ...... (file manager)


I know that I can go into the Ensim control panel and change the permisions for the directories to allow anyone access and that will make the error go away, BUT.... I am worried about what this will do to site security, and it is a pain to go into every directory one at a time and make the changes.


I did notice that in the Ensim control panel the file owner is 'rockcoast' (my default administrator for this site) with the OSC file manager lists the owner and group as admin4 (this is the 4th installation of OSC on this server) Adding the group admin4 into the Ensim control panel did not seem to make any difference to the problem.


So... can anyone tell me what changing all the directory permissions will do for security, and does anyone have any suggestions for making this more managable?


Thanks in advance!

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You can always set the permissions so that YOU can upload and write to the files and no-one else. Or just use a temporary change in the chmod so you can write the files to the server. Once there they should - and notice I say should, be able to be read even if you change the permissions back.


Give it a go.

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