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[contribution] GroupDiscount


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I'd really like to us this mod, but the problem I have with this (and many others) is that i use a TABLE PREFIX my database. Can someone explain the lines to look for in the files that need to be changed to include the prefix (ex m2_customers_names) to get the mod to work?


...or is there an easy way to make these adjustments?




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First off, I gotta say this is a great mod. Like others, I wish to have guests see pricing information. I did see your fix in currencies.php and I applied it such that the correct pricing information now shows up in most locations. However, the shopping cart still gives the "Must be logged in for prices!" message that was removed elsewhere. This is a problem if a user is looking at the total information in the shopping cart while they are purchasing. Is there a way to remove the "Must be logged in for prices!" message in the shopping cart?



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GroupDiscount is everything to me. It's great.


I found a bug.


Stay logged (You are in discount group)

When you use Advanced Search tool to find prices between values the price that the oscommerce find will be normal price. Not your price in DiscountGroup.


Someone can fix it?


Regards and congratulations to http://www.oscommerceitalia.com



These team is great!!! B)

Edited by mariomoura
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I have tried to install this mod and got a problem .. when I set a 20% discount this is what happens.


Item selling normal price: $50


After 20% discount - $40.00


However, in the TOTAL it states $32 (which seems like it too another 20% off the $40.


In the SUB TOTAL however, it states the correct $40.00


Help please anyone



I have also the Problem from "tradertt" Posted: Jan 23 2004, 02:40 PM


On the order total page and the order confirm E-mail the Prises for the single Products are false (once again 20% Discount)



That's one confirm E-Mail to the customers...





1 x 1-Kanal Handsender 40,685 MHz AM mit Codierleiste (FH-DI1.40A-1) = 21.20EUR


Zwischensumme: 26.50EUR

Versandkosten nach Gewicht (): 5.00EUR

Summe: 31.50EUR


Please help me!


I use the Version 1.4bfix plus German

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  • 2 months later...

Hi there


Might have made a mistake or not..


installed the great contributions and made changes with Bwyond compare as my oscommerce has other contribtions installed.


Installed as per instructions and sql installed all fine.


Just that during a test checkout in the wholesaler group which has a 50% discount no discount is been applied.


Any thoughts on where i should be on this?



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Hi guys


Forget my last post please.


I am a total idiot and I admit it :ph34r:



Running a test set up I forgot my prices i was using where anything i put in to test...


All works fine and Yes a very nice contribution and works first time.


I reconmend all to use beyond compare to mod your files,, wourth is wieght in sales.. :unsure:

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  • 1 month later...

Not sure if this is being followed at all... but I installed the contrib and the discount is not being applied when the product is added to the cart. I see the person above thought they had this problem but I don't understand their solution!

Any suggestions mucho appreciated,



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  • 3 weeks later...



I'd like to have all prices inclusive tax, before Login. After Login (when customers_groups_name = Default) it is OK. But before Login -> "Display Prices with Tax = True" don't work.


What I have to change?


I'm using GroupDiscount_v1.4.



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  • 4 months later...

I Installed group discounts wich uses a different product_listing.php page, so I lost the mod for using the multiple columns contrib. I like the package alot and will keep it set up, but would like to get my multiple columns listings back if possible!


This Groups Discount Contrib



I don't suppose you have a way for listing multiple product columns for the /includes/modules/product_listing.php


Thanks for any help.

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I now see the post that this contrib is no longer supported. Moving to Total B2B and it is all set up good. :D


One feature request would be to be able to view the product_listing.php with multiple columns set up, and input for quantity :thumbsup: Discounts + Multiple Columns + Quantity product listing!! The wholesale purchasers are in a hurry!


A great contrib... thatnks alot :)

Edited by DRIVE
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  • 4 years later...

Hello everyone,


I have tried a few contributions to have groups and to make special prices to them but nothing is working cause I have to install it with a few contribution that I have aready on my website:



HEader Tag SEO 3.1.4



PDF Invoice 1.5

Quick Stock Update v3.8.1



Ultimate SEO URLs 2.1d


My best try was with GroupDiscount but I still have a problem with it.


I am testing GroupDicount_v1.4-3 on my localhost but when I get the confirmation of the buy done with a group who get -50% off, he pay the right amount but an error is on the bill (email confirmation who gets the buyer and the owner of the shop).

See below an exemple (the original price of the necklace is 295euros) :







1 x Necklace amethyste 129 (C-129) = €73,75 (why do I have this price, it should be 147,5 euros?!)




Sub-Total: €147,50


La Poste Colissimo NATIONAL (1.2 Kg) (Colissimo R2 (Indeminisation de 200 Euros)): €10,85 (shipping)


Total: €158,35


As you can see, the "Sub-total" and the "Total" of the necklace are right but in the details it is not (1 x Necklace amethyste 129 (C-129) = €73,75)!

Don't know why it is divided by 2 again (€73,75)!




Do you know how to change that?


If not, can you tell me which contribution can I use to do the same thing respected all the contributions that I have already? As I said - I have try a few contributions, but they didn't work cause I think it was hard to fit between all the others!



osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC1 W3C Valid FR avec : colissimo_v1.9 // CGV // GoogleXML_sitemap - Update -> googlexml_sitemap_seo_v_1.5 // Ultimate SEO URLs 2.1d - Update -> v22d_12 // AntiRobotRegistrationValidation-3.1 // TinyMCE WYSIWYG HTML EDITOR // HEader Tag SEO 3.1.4 // PDF Invoice 1.5 // Specials_enhanced_v1_3_1 // quick_stock_update_v3.5_FRENCH // xmembers_v2.2 // contact_us_form_in_db_with_amin_v1.1 // photo_display_1 // previous_next_with_details // infoBox Admin v.2.25 // whosonlineturbov1.1fr // customer_discount_v1.3 // flash_bannersv2 // Horizontal_menu_V3 // Loginbox_Best_1 // CCGV // XSell_v2_7_2 // Printable Catalog XSS Flaw Fixed // all_specials_slideshow // Birthdays_v1.4 // Search_price_range_pulldown_menu_1.1 // contrib-categories // Reviews_in_Product_Display_v2.3 // Easy Graphical Borders // Simple Multiple Images (Unlimited) with Fancy Popups V1.3.5 // Guestbook V3.0 // Blacklist_IP_v.3 // Quicker Product Edit v2.1 // Chronopost_2010 // Easy Center // Size Shop with Layers // Safari-Chrome_fix // Protection to Configuration v1.3a // Page_Cache_v1.6... Thanks to everyone!

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