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The e-commerce.

NEED HELP -- setting up a download object for MP3'


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Ok.. so I want to set up in my os commerce a way to have people be able to buy MP3's.. say like on www.puretracks.com


this is what the download object should do


- ability to download a file ( if the customer only wanted to purcahse individual mp3's


- ability to have customer purchase "credits" so they can download multiple files

if they were to say buy a subscription.. thus allowing the user to download more then 1 download with out having to go and actually purchase that particular mp3


hopefully you follow


basically.. I've installed the download function in the store @ www.hibias.ca/catalog

but this is only good if someone were to want to purchase that particular mp3. or download..

what happends if they were to want to buy a subscription. .ie.. that would allow them to say download 10 mp3's a month..


note my confusion.. and need of help here :)

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