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Customer's Company to Address on Invoice OLD TEP


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Howdy Folks


Okay, don't laugh. I am using a heavily modified Sept. 2002 snapshot. Yes, I would like to update/upgrade, but I don't have time and my store is a success, so that's the way it is. I do wish that I could at least upgrade to the new checkout system, but that'll have to wait until next year. I am just too busy right now.


Now my problem has to do with getting the Customer's Company name to show up in the Order, in the Invoice and in the Checkout_Payement page where is says Ship to:


I have searched these forums, and think that I am getting close to figuring it out, but have not found a solution yet.


I am guessing that it involves changing a variety of files, including a change to the address_format db.


I figure that something needs to change in /functions/general.php with the address_format_id and I figure that I need to add $company in a few places. I mucked around a little, but with no directions for what I need to do, did not succeed.


So, if someone, someone who used to know TEP well, could please help me, I would be most grateful.


Best Regards, Ted

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