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Compare & Merge or Beyond Compare


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I have recently downloaded and paid for compare and merge, software that can be downloaded from:




Its a nice little piece of software that allows you to compare two files and merge the pieces of code that are different between the two.


I am having difficulty in using it to actually get a contirubtion to work correctly as I dont know what details from eachof the files I need to use....


What I am after is a basic description off someone who has used the software on exactly what I need to do to get this software to work and actually produce some useable files from it.


An alternative of course is beyond compare which I hear a lot about on here but have never actually tried.


Is there much difernce between the two pieces of software?


Which one do you think is best for installing and upgrading your store through contirbutions?


Basically, can you give as much info, good or bad, how to / how not to, about both pieces of software?





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Personally I use something called 'Active File Compare' so I can only assume similarity.


I use it to compare changed pages against backup's when something goes horribly wrong as it speeds the debug process... I don't actually know if it has any kind of merge facility but if it did I wouldn't use it.


I load the backup in the left pane and the altered file in the right then click compare, the bits that are different are then highlighted and I can look at them to see if they are likely suspects.




Hmm reading my reply it's pretty pointless and void of advice - sorry :rolleyes:

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