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Search Engine Friendly Links Result in 404 Error


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Dear Members,

I am able to produce search engine friendly links by turning them on in the control panel, however, when anyone visits one of these links they are greeted with a 404 error. I believe this must have something to do with the directions in the .htaccess file, or some other similar file. I know that mod_rewrite must be enabled, and it currently is. I have installed the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) links mod, and was hoping maybe I could make it backward compatible to correctly handle OsCommerce' SEF links also. The SEF mod works great, meaning that mod_rewrite is not the issue. Does anyone know which files are used in OSC's SEF links? Im thinking about grabbing all the required files and overwriting the existing ones on the server, should fix it I hope. However, I'd rather modify the SEF mod to handle OSC's style of SEF links.

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I am no longer going to use SEF urls, however, I dont want to lose all the google listings I have, they are SEF links, and no longer work, is there some code I can put in the .htaccess file to make these old links redirect to the appropriate pages?

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Sorry if I've got the wrong end of the stick here, but what about:


ErrorDocument 403 /403.htm

ErrorDocument 404 /404.htm


Then just create 404.htm and have that redirect to your home page.




By the way, will search engines spider the site anyway?

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