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The e-commerce.

adding new pages to the catalogue


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one of the easiest ways is to copy your catalog/privacy.php to catalog/NEW_FILENAME.php


catalog/includes/languages/english/privacy.php to catalog/includes/languages/english/NEW_FILENAME.php,


Then in catalog/includes/filenames.php add a new define for your new file - i.e:





replacing all instances of NEW_FILENAME above with your required file name ofcourse....



or you could try one of the great contribs such as Tab Page Unlimited

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I tried that..but this is what I get


Warning: main(includes/languages/english/NEWFILENAME.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /public_html/NEWFILENAME.php on line 15


Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required 'includes/languages/english/NEWFILENAME.php' (include_path='') in /public_html/NEWFILENAME.php on line 15..


Can you tell what went wrong? is there any limitation on the length of file name in oscommerce? the file name I am trying to use has 5 words!


oh..one more thing...I have BTS installed as well. Would that matter in amy way?

Thanks for your help



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I don't know about BTS.


Those errors tell you that the file is not in the english folder and the catalog folder.


Did you use the shipping page in the english folder to save it as another name and the same in the catalog folder?


Also, you have to change the name at the top of each file.

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Hello...Lonnie...thanks for the tip.... I installed it and it is working...!!


I do need some help though. When I add a new page through this mod ...it comes up with its own name...now if i have to add a new page with a different name ...how do i do that.. right now...i am trying to add a new page " custumer_service" to header navigation ...how do I do that

your help is appreciated.


Thank you everyone for your help


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