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I have looked and can't find a thread on this. I have a special need to have two seperate storefronts. We will be selling items the standard way, but we also need a way to bill custom orders. For standard priced items we have a per item shipping cost. This works great. Here's the problem. If I enter a quote only item (for sale @ $0.00), the customer still gets billed our per item shipping cost of $2.50.


My 'solution' is to have two storefronts. One for standard items and one for custom items to be quoted. In the latter I can set the per item shipping to $0.00.


Here is my dilema: how can a customer sign-in at one storefront and have that same login work on the other storefront.


Alt solutions to this problem would also be appreciated.

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I am relatively new to working with osCommerce. Where would I find the user db? Also, how can I reconfigure my secondardy storefront to use the same user db?

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Thanks jacob,


Anyone else needing a similar solution, here is the jist...


1)create the second store (on same server)

2)look at the configure.php files (for store and admin)

3)copy db name and encrypted password

4)find same files in second (third,fourth, etc) storefronts and make them refer to this same db.


You'll find the code near the bottom of the files.


Thanks again....


One last thing, how do you force cookies on v2.2?

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Bin done - look in the contributions.


Multiple "Mini-Stores" with 1 Admin



Uses ONE database (ie: one customer or admin login) but allowing allows you to set up multiple 'mini-store' sites (in addition to your

main store website if you want), all using one admin. The basic idea is that your main store still will show all of your categories and products. Each mini-store will only include the categories you have defined as belonging to that store. Each site can have it's own look and feal!


Good luck!

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