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Japanese language configuration


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Still have trouble with my site for the japanese side.


- new category name with 18 characters:

- it works fine in english and in french

- in Japanese I can just save 4 of themeven though I can type more than that Maybe to have the equivalent I have to multiply the sorted number by 3 or 4 depends how OSC saves the japanese characters into the database.


Where do I modify the number of characters for the category name of a product ? I suppose I have to do it in the database with PHP admin.


How do I increase the size of the categories box to avoid the name split in two part ?



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After couple of hours of work for nothing I decided to have a go with the admin in Japanese and miracle it works, my wife has to be with me to translate but that is another problem. Now I can type and save more than 3 japanese symbol.

The question is: Why and how does it work that way?


I still have to select manually the caracter coding each time that I want to refresh and that is very annoying. How to force a browser to be selected to read Japanese?

I tried with IE or Netscape, it is the same result.


Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the reply

OS: Win98SE

IME 5.02 (Microsoft add on) to type Japanese symbols

Website in English/Japanese/French


I use the Japanese version found at:


file: oscommerce-2.2ms1j-R5.tar.gz


I copied the files related to the Japanese language into my project.


Problem No 1: Problem displaying Japanese character set

- When I click on the Japanese flag , OSC is displayed in Japanese as expected but I have to force manually the browser Encoding to be able to see correctly the Japanese symbols. It is the same with IE or Netscape. I have already posted the question. One said it happens in some computer. Well, maybe but as I browse quite a lot on Japanese site I rarely have to force manually the encoding.

Does anyone know how to force by code a browser to display correctly a character set?


Problem No 2: Losing Japanese data

Condition: Admin control panel in English or French

If I want to create a new Category, new product or modifying any field with Japanese symbol (I can type without any problem) I lose more than half of them when I save. But it does work if I set up the Admin control panel in Japanese which is not convenient because I do not read Japanese and I have to force manually the encoding each time.

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Answer to Problem 2:

By default osc stores Japanese characters as numbers not Japanese characters. Storing this way takes up more space and the fields are then not able to store as much as you need. Two solutions:


1. Change the length of the field using myphpadmin.


2. Enter the data directly to the data base with myphpadmin. Note you must switch to Japanese EUC encoding in myphpadmin.


Further information on Problem 1.

Most Japanese language sites at not trying to autodetect the language as osc is. If you use a machine that is Japanese then it will switch/run in Japanese.

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