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easy chekout for more sales


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Hi there,


has anyone an idea on how to get rid of the checkout_confirmation page.

I need the checkout procedure to be complete once they click the continue

button on the checkout_payment page.


A lot of my customers drop out on the confirmation page, because they think

confirmation means they bought it when indeed they have to click one more time to confirm the order.


The best would be if they could click on confirm order after they selected the payment method and it would redirect them over checkout_process to chekout_success - that's all they need.


Help is really appreciated - because my sales dropped alot after I switched to oscommerce. Oscommerce is a great product (** with special thanks to all the people working on it - great job**) and over all with awesome support, but it needs to be more focused on creating sales not giving customers alot of options when 50% of them not yet know how to scroll down to see the continue button.





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Seeing the same thing here Axel.

I put a big flashing reminder banner at the top to help - we'll see. The other option would be to move the button itself to the top of the page...



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You also may want to move the checkout process bar to the top of the page instead of the bottom where noone can see it. Or put more than one checkout button on the page one at the top and one at the bottom.

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i have a button at top and bottom - also on each page during checkout i have put what stage(the customer is at) out of 4.


i have also added a flashing dot on the progress meter.


check the site if you want: yesudo.com

Your online success is Paramount.

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Easy Solution!

I think this problem stems from the "wrong" wording. Instead of "Confirmation" Try the Heading "Review Your Order", then the "Confirm Order" Button will make sense for people.


Changes to these files:




define('CHECKOUT_BAR_CONFIRMATION', 'Review Your Order');




define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Review Your Order');

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but I see the problem in the fact that some people here sell products that are more gifty than others. So if you give the potential customer too many options to bail out he finally will. For example what would you do if you'd try to buy a candy bar and the cassier would ask you 3 times in a row "Do you really want to buy this candybar? - It's sweet ... and are you really sure you want to buy it?" (and don't forget you already handed him your credit card!!!)


Once the customer gave you the shipping information, billing information and the credit card number and he hits a button it should be done. That is not tricking the people in any way. It is just faster for you and the customer. If he does not want the product later on - he can return it anyhow without a reason.


So if anyone of you has enough knowledge of the checkout procedures of oscommerce, please please make a contribution that easily changes the checkout to be finished after the customer entered the payment method.

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I found the same problem with my shop. What I did was:


1) Moved the checkout processs indicator to the top of the page.

2) Added a bold comment at the top of the page saying they customer had to scroll down and click CONFIRM ORDER to actaully place the order.


I am thinking of doing omre work to the checkout procedure soon... I really want a ONE-CLICK CHECKOUT setup.


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