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The e-commerce.

Unable to determine the page link!


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Hello there,

I recently installed oscommerce on my local machine and added couple of contributions. Everything was working fine. When i moved the site to the remote server i tried accessing my website in the following way




and i got this at the bottom of the page....


Unable to determine the page link!


but when i tried to access the site in the following manner..




Everything went right and i could see the whole page. Fully functional.


Can anybody plz tell me whats wrong here?


Thanks in advance


Warm Regards,


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I had the same problem.

After checking every paths in the 2 configure.php files (in catalog/include/configure.php and catalog/admin/configure.php nothing changed.


I've seen on this forum someone else who had this pb anf fixed it with

"Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)" true => false

in "my store" config


It worked for me !!


hope it helps you ;)

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I've 'search-engine safe URLs' turned on and i need it for the site's good ranking in search engines. Is this the only way to get rid of that error(turning 'search engine safe URLs' to false) ?


I can really compromise on that. By the way site works fine if accessed /index.php


Is there any other way to get rid of it ??


THanks in advance


Warm regards,


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Nice One


The thing that was confusing me was that a new install worked perfect, of course now i have checked never thought it would be something as simple seems when a new install has it disabled anyway.



So now we need to work out why it needs to be disabled and if it can be fised as apose to just turning it off.


So big shout out there someone must have solved this one before.


Incidently does it matter if this is off when you haev header tags and stuff included.



My fav site


Spend most my cash there dont tell the wife:-)

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