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gateway no longer supports integration method


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I've read alot of ssl posts, sorry I haven't found this one. Searched for ssl and admin got 988 pages of posts. I feel good about this process as this is only my second question and I'm ready to do business (hopefully). At checkout, I put in c.c no. and it goes to confirmation and gives me this error, (92) The gateway no longer supports the requested method of integration. I called authorize.net and they said it is an SSL problem on my side. Thats how that error is listed on their help charts. Does anyone know where I can locate my problem. The admin/includes/config is (according to a post) a newer snapshot as the define https line is omitted "for easier understanding". I have my authorize login name in the payment module, enabled SSL is true in both configure files (catalog/includes and admin/includes directories). When starting checkout the ssl certificate says "The name on certificate does not match the name on the site." Does state it is a valid certificate.

Thanks in advance.

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Thauk you Dave for your reply. My webhoster is going to edit the DNS hopefully today. Does "move the cart" mean to edit the DNS or as I've done in my index.htm as follows:


<h3><font color="#008000" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Welcome Member <a href=http://www.realwholesaleclub.com/osCommerce/login.php/"><img src="/osCommerce/images/duuck.gif" width="100" height="90" border="0" clear="both"> Please Log-In,</a> <font color="#008000">OR just go </a><a href="http://www.realwholesaleclub.com/osCommerce/"><img src="/osCommerce/images/duucks.gif" width="100" height="90" border="0" clear="both"> Shopping / Browsing.</a></font></h3>

<h3 align="center"> </h3>


because the error continues with this index.htm.

Other wise how would I "move the cart" to subdomain www.realwholesaleclub.com ?

Thank you so much, It seems the only place in the whole world to get an answer is in this forum.

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