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Moving site to another host


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I have just been thorugh a nightmare where it took 14 days for name server pointing to be fully completed when changing host. After this change in host I have found out that the server is regularly down 1-2 hours, and mostly in evenings.


In the process of changing back, I would like to hear if it is possible to make a strategy where I move the database to the old host, and make both sites use this common database? Then name server relocation could take the time needed without any problems. But I am a little unsecure as to whether MySQL could handle two different websites accessing it.


Thanks for your help.



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You are asking for trouble trying to do this.


You best bet is to bite the bullet, make the move and return to live status when you are sure that the DNS changes have propagated.


Why would it take 2 weeks for DNS changes to propagate. It should only take 24-72 hours to complete... unless you were transferring the domain name to a different registrar or your Host is completely incompetent.


I have many happy hosted osC customers and would be happy to assist you if needed.



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