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Deleted "languages" table


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Hi, I did a backup of my db, through ther OS commerce admin screen, then I went into PHPmyAdmin and deleted the "languages" table.


After I did this, there were errors on my OS commerce site, so I tried to go back to the OS Commerce Admin site to do the restore, but the admin screen is not accesible with that "languages table".


Any suggestions?

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You need to use PHPmyAdmin to restore the table. Look in the backup file created during the OSC backup for the specific commands/syntax to use. By default, it's located in admin/backups.


Now for the can of worms ;) ...why do you want to delete the languages table?


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There is only an SQL file in the backup GZIP file. I looked at it with Word and there does not seem to be any command line instrucitons.


I wanted to delete the languages tabel beacuse I am only supporting English, so I thought it was kind of redundant to have that section. I thought by deleting the table it would not show up.....ok, that wasn't so smart. But I backed up and thought I would just try it...if it worked great, if not, just do a restore right? Wrong!



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Open the SQL file and find the lines that are something like this:


create table languages (
 languages_id int(11) not null auto_increment,
 name varchar(32) not null ,
 code char(2) not null ,
 image varchar(64) ,
 directory varchar(32) ,
 sort_order int(3) ,
 PRIMARY KEY (languages_id),


That creates the table. Then you need to restore the data, look for (should be right after CREATE statement):


insert into languages (languages_id, name, code, image, directory, sort_order) value....


You can manage which languages are used by going to the Admin UI >> Localization >> Languages.


Good luck!




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