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Usps shipping module. I've been switched over but.


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I know this is an old problem but I am getting very frusrated with it. I can't seem to get my usps module to work. I registered and they switched me but I still get the error connection failed. I'm using 2.1. I know, I know 2.2 is much better but my host hasn't updated it yet and I haven't completely figured out how to install it yet. I don't want to mess up my current store. When I try to use it I get


Warning: fopen(priority02062fdsafdsa30NoneREGULARFalseProduction.ShippingAPIs.com?API=Rate&XML=%3CRateRequest+USERID%3D%22347HISTO0835%22+PASSWORD%3D%22612MN12CW845%22%3E%3CPackage+ID%3D%220%22%3E%3CService%3Epriority%3C%2FService%3E%3CZipOrigination%3E02062%3C%2FZipOrigination%3E%3CZipDestination%3Efdsafdsa%3C%2FZipDestination%3E%3CPounds%3E3%3C%2FPounds%3E%3COunces%3E0%3C%2FOunces%3E%3CContainer%3ENone%3C%2FContainer%3E%3CSize%3EREGULAR%3C%2FSize%3E%3CMachinable%3EFalse%3C%2FMachinable%3E%3C%2FPackage%3E%3C%2FRateRequest%3E): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/historys/public_html/shop/includes/classes/_usps.php on line 115


line 115 seems to be


' </tr>' . "\n" .


Please someone help me with this. It's starting to drive me crazy!




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