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How does "New Products" work?


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I'm trying to understand how products get listed in the center box labeled "New Products for November" ??? I've tried everything in the admin and still the same random products show up. One would assume that if you add a new product it would show up in this box for the entire month it was entered in, no?


1) whats the logic?

2) how can one change this?






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Well it works as the following:

When you add a product it shows up in the products_new

products_new holds standard 9 new products.

YOu can edit the ammount of new_products add: admin/configuration/Maximum values/New products module.

It's indeed a random order on the product_added date.

So if you want a product to show up 1st on the new products page, you gotta edit the product_added date in the database.

I hope i helped you,



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I've changed all the product added dates to Sept 1 2003 and still nothing changes. Shouldn't there be no products displayed in the New Products box if all added dates are a different month?


it doesn't seem to have any effect on the code?





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I had the same problem last week when I was playing with the New Products functionality. After investigation I discovered that it actually displays the newest items to the shop regardless of what month. The whole month thing is misleading.


It actually shows the last products added to the shop.


I have modified to show the last products added in the last 30 days.


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I just installed the Feature Products 1.3 contrib


and it didn't work. all kinds of errors came up so I had to remove it. no time to figure it out.


anyone suggest another Feature Product type contrib or a new products contrib that has more control over what products are shown?





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in response to thome,


i haven't tried this yet, but i think i'll just add a flag field in the db. So, i can tell osc which products i consider to be new. then change the SQL for that new box and new products page to only grab products from the db with that flag=on.

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