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Address field order - for MS2.2


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There have been instructions and a contribution showing how to reorder the fields on the create_account.php script, but it seems they only apply to a different version of OSC because the key file they refer to does not exist in my latest and greatest version of OSC. (I've also looked at OSCDox.com) The key file they refer to is: catalog/includes/modules/account_details.php


That file has the order of the fields in it. Since I don't have that file, where do you go now to reorder the fields? I'd like to use the US version where the Zip code is after the state.

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I did it manually.


And its not JUST in create_account. I started out with playing with that one too and realized that there were a whole buttlload of other pages that were referring to that order too.


It was a major pain and a looooot of seeking and editing files, but I finally got them all to reorder.

Basically,. you have to edit EVERY page that refers in any way, shape, or form to Account, OR Address book.


You have to re-order each one of the references to put them in the right order.

Query strings, AND Table date.


That includes the Admin area.

If you want to change the POSTCODE stuff to ZIPCODE, you also have to add queries to your database to let those ALL be changed over, again, including the seperate sets of strings in the Admin pages referring to billing_postcode, shipping_postcode, and so on..


If I had all the files together still, I would tell you all of the ones that need to be changed, but I dont, and I am SO not proficient enough to make a mod and if I did, I would probably farshnoogle someone's DB up entirely :)


I just stumbled through it all with trial and error, and reloaded each page after I edited them <making sure to have the original still available> to make sure that they were working right and loading correctly....


I hope this gives you a little help, but thats really all I can say...unfortunately :(

One of these days, I will actually understand what I just changed...


But reading the Manual DEFINATELY helps...

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here it is: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?sho...62449&st=10&hl=


i just followed chfields' instructions: catalog/create_account.php just cut the code from where it is and paste it where you want it(under state)


that is the only change i made

If a person doesn't want to mess with the database you could just make the change in the english.php in the catalog\includes\languages also, just change Post Code to Zipcode

Best Regards

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