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Stuck in a loop at delivery information


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I've been configuring a site and all is well, except that I can lo longer get past the 'delivery information' page - the continue button doesn't take me to checkout_payment, only back to checkout_shipping.


I could find no way past this, so I modified the zones rates module (i was previously using a modded items), which worked fine - complete checkout with no problems.


I needed a second tier of shipping (for insured), so i copied the module again, and changed all the constants, class name, etc, figuring that there would be no problem.


both the modules worked as expected as far as quoting goes, but after adding the second module I could no longer get past the delivery information page. So I uninstalled and then renamed the second module, and when that didn't work i uninstalled and renamed the first.


All the other shipping options work apart from my modified zones modules...... and the ORIGINAL zone module - now I didn't alter the original in any way, so i reckon something must still be hanging around that didn't like me playing, and is causing this problem.


I've gone through the configuration table in the database and can't see anything that looks like it relates to the zones modules at all - and am now well and truly stuck!


I've been hearing other people getting this problem, and have checked my product weights to no avail.


I'm really not having much luck getting past this - any help would be *really* appreciated.


Ta Muchly!

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