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The e-commerce.

new jewelry store. feedbacks welcome


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the sajah store


This is our first attempt on modifying the site.


We don't have actual items in yet because we haven't been able to take good pictures of the products. Therefore, all the product pictures/items will be gone. However, the static pictures would be likely to stay(except the front page since it's not "fall" anymore ;) ).


It doesn't have much layout modifications from standard osc package because we wanted to have clean/professional look, and couldn't come up with better ideas yet.


Any ideas/feedback would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

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looks nice, you didn't go overboard with going out of the standard osc design but at the same time made it look unique.


one thing i would comment on is that it seem sort of repetative on the homepage to have both a "New Products For November" and "Whats New" infobox.

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Though your site looks good,you need to do some optimization in the images that too in the header section.Try slicing the image in header so that it will loads fast.the images is hardly 50kb which is heavy on bandwidth.And also the image that is below the header.i have revisited the site to look the photographs because they are cool.i like it.

TY. :D

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Very nice site! Still fairly standard but you've gotten rid of a lot of info boxes and what you've added looks great.


I disagree with the bandwidth concerns. Your 50k header/logo is used throughout so it'll be cached. Regardless, it loads fast as is.


You might consider turning off the navigation breadcrumb display. I don't care for it but some people do.


Replace the standard osc buttons with some custom ones and you'll be good to go.

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Looks good! You've done a good job with the graphics you've created.


I was interested in your store, being a jewelry store, because I've just completed a Pearl Jewellery (UK spelling heh) store at http://www.absolutepearls.co.uk - I posted a topic just above this one but feedback's quiet so far..


On your store, I think the best thing you could do next would be to create new graphics for all the buttons. It's not hard to do and finishes off the site, making it much less like a standard OSC build.


Good luck with your e-commerce :)




P.S. lol - someone already said do the buttons. I agree with Mikes heh.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the all the inputs. We changed things you suggested except breadclumb(we think black border works well) and buttons(haven't changed yet. we'll do soon before going live though).


we changed our splash image to fit winter theme... planning to change infobox color as well to fit(we're thinking about ruby red)... and make small changes into it. We also included a few sample products, because we have to get approved from bank for merchant account. <_< Those info and price are B.S at the moment, but we needed something to get approved of. :rolleyes:


I have a question though. Since we need to get a ring size, which is from 1 to 13, by 1/2. of course, setting that into attribute would be PAIN, since we would have like 10+ rings to start with, iirc... i went through contribution page but there are way too many of them. :blink: anyone recommend one?


and to Pharkie.. how did you take pictures of jewelries like this one?


we kept trying a new way, but couldn't get decent/perfect pictures to use. :(

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