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attributes that increase base price by percentage


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Curious to know if I can add atributes that increase the price of a product by a percentage of a specified baseline price?


i.e. I have a buckle that costs $200. I want to add a belt via attributes, with the "baseline" cost of a belt being $100. If I specify alligator, I want the alligator atribute to cost 2.5 times that baseline. Lizard would be 1.6 times, leather, 1.0 times, etc.


Is this faeture available?




John M

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Yeah I was afraid of that. As for doing the math myself, you completely misunderstand my needs.


I am selling a buckle


An attribute/option on this buckles is to add a belt, but the belt can be one of many skins, many colors, and many styles, with the skin type AND style type having different price increases. With all these combinations, a sinlge list of options becomes too big to be usable by the customer.


An alligator straight 1" belt costs $300

An alligator straight 1-1/2" belt costs $375

An alligator tapered 1 1/4 to 3/4 belt costs $370.00


A lizard straight belt costs $190

A lizard tapered belt costs $210.00


The list goes on


Now I am flexible on the prices a little if I could just have a baseline for the cheapest belt and multiple that # by a specific factor for each of the other belts for each skin and style.


But I guess I cannot.


The more I jack with this shopping cart solution the more I see how many limitations it has, but then again I doubt there is any other out of the box solution that comes close, and to get exactly what I need custom built would probably cost tens of thousands in US dollars.




John M

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Now I understand what you are trying to do.


How many options and attributes per product are we talking about?


One thing you can do is install the Attributes Sorter/Copier contribution. That would allow you to copy the attributes of one product to the others. This way, you would only have to create attributes once. Then simply copy to the rest.


The other feature you could add is the Attributes Type Select contribution. This contrib allows you to choose to display your attributes selections with checkboxes, radio buttons, text box or from a dropdown.


Good Luck.



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Thanks, I have the sorter copier but combining it with the option type is really tough. I can't get the product_info.php to merge with both contribs. I even made aost askign how to do it..


I managed to get something working ok but there are some products that will be confusing for some shoppers.



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