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HELP! Installing OS Commerce


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I'm trying to setup OS Commerce into a new webhosting site but am having no luck. I have been able to upload both the zip and the unzipped files via winFTP but they do not show up in the Cpanel File manager. Weird.


If anyone is able to help, the real plan is to transfer a current site using OSCommerce over to this new server and I'm just not having any luck or fun with it.


Please send me a message if you can help with this


[email protected]

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If you FTPed the files direct to the server - then try loading the install file in a web browser.


ie: www.yoursite.com/catalog/install/

if it loads - your good to go. OSC Admin has it's own File manager (frankly I do everthing locally then FTP it up).


Cpanel not needed - other than possably using phpMyAdmin or other non-osc setting like in PHP.INI


If it does not show up - blame your FTP client or login ID/Pass - try another FTP program.

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I cannot seem to get things to work in a browser window either. You mentioned doing this locally. I'm running Win98 and have no server software so this is option is unavailable.


A big question I have is the directory structure. Here is my main layout of the file folders




oscommerce-2.2ms2 (inside here is catalog & extras file folders)






maybe this is some of my problems.



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After expanded from the zip file, there are hundreds of files for this program! Is there an easier way of doing this? Can CPanel unzip the file?


Just to make sure things are right:


"catalog" & "extras" directories should be located as follows:





If this is correct, then I can start working in OS-Admin, right? How does this function normally run? I have run in Admin from the current site. I did make a backup of the site and hope to be able to autoconfigure from this backup.


Let me know if there are any other suggestions or links to troubleshoot this program.


Thank you

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