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The e-commerce.

finally - 2 months of work :P


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Nice job Vicor!


I'm bummed I don't speak your language, actually I?m bummed I don?t speak any other language. But on a quick look at your site...


On your site, my first comment would be those buttons on the upper right. This is more of personal opinion, but buttons like that are often described as ?shell game? buttons. Since we all work with OsCommerce we know what they mean. I realize that their is text links below that explain them and if your rollover the buttons you get the title (in most browsers). But from what I?ve found/read/seen, most users don?t study our sites that much. They don?t always seem willing to mouse-over each button to what it does, especially when they are spending money.

So this was my long way of suggesting that perhaps a little text label at the top or bottom of the button images might increase usability for your users.


Another thing is...

O Endere?o do Seu IP Foi Logado :

I've seen HyperJack and others point out that this could make your users think that your spying on them or something. And I agree with them too. It's good for us techno-heads and for troubleshooting but that's about it...


As I'm sure you're painfully aware of, your images are not proportional. The squished look doesn't do your products any justice... It was very dificult to deal with but we ended up disabling the feature that resizes those thumbnails and created the graphics in their intended sizes. The shop owners still to this day uploads incorrect sizes. So it does become quite a pain but it sure looks a great deal cleaner.


Also when you click to enlarge, several of the images that I tried at least, came up with the same size image and in one case it was smaller... :blink:

I feel your pain though, I have many products like this myself that were imported from an older cart system. I'm sure you relize this but I though I'd point it out just the same...


Hope some of this helps,

take it easy....


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I like it .. One suggestion I would have is to make your boxes to be transparent instead of a flat white.

You might want to outline the complete columns and do something with the box headers.

I agree with the post about the candles also .. lose them.. 5 seconds cool effect 10 seconds and I think about how I can disable them 15 seconds and I click off the site

Also you might want to include alt tags on your checkout, cart and account images at the top. Though the cart pic is kind of tell all the other two I could only guess at.

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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I would agree with what has been said top icons labeled, remove candles and a transparency for the boxes

No longer giving free advice. Please place deposit in meter slot provided.  Individual: [=] SME: [==] Corporation: [===]
If deposit does not fit one of the slots provided then you are asking too much! :P

Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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Candles make my blood boil!




Not quite, but quite annoying


Loks good apart from that


I like the way the sites been cetred on the page with the border....clever....



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Well... at least the falling candles are gone.


IMO, unneccessary animations make a website look cheap. Animated gifs, flash, marquees, scrolling text boxes, and blinking text are all distracting and serve no purpose other than to announce "look what I can do". Focus on the content and not on "cool new tricks".

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