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The e-commerce.

Page formatting


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I formatted the pages for osCommerce to fit as part of the website, but for some reason osCommerce wants to push horizontally creating a horiz-scrollbar.


Anyone know why this is?




It was like this even with the default data in the database



I've dissected the HTML output and found that the table between the comments "body_text" and "body_text_eof" cannot be more than 340 pixels exactly or it expands the page past 100% horizontally.



THis makes absolutely no sense to me. Especially since I can make a 500 pixel or 100% table anywhere else but inside that table column for "body_text"


any wiz have any clue?

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It's definitely IE - it's not doing this in Mozilla.


Okay, a couple of things. In line 33, get rid of the center attribute in the TD. In line 72, the TR is not closed. In line 74 the TD is not closed. Finally the master table is not closed.


If you fix these three things it will either solve the problem or reveal the real problem.

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done - and i even changed the default.php so that the table that is giving me problems is 333 pixels - this is forced wider because of the broken image links which is a whole nother post (growl)


problem still exists in IE6.0 SP1 all resolutions

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At what width do you have the product images set? As best I can determine, despite the fact that you don't yet have the images loaded, IE is trying to maintain the correct space for the missing images. After trying everything else I could think of, I simply removed the IMG tags, and the problem just went away.


I'd still get rid of the align=center in the TD on line 33.

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