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Product Notification


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Ok How come this does not work anyone know.


I can see through the Database MySql product notification made by me as a test, but I don't see anything relating to it in the Oscommerce Admin control Panel.


How are we suppose to notify customers with product notification, without having the MySql database open all day long.


Although the Newsletter Works Great as when a new account comes to you email you can check and see if the customer wants a newsletter, but what about product notification.


I see that there is the option of Global product notification when customer signs up they can choose to be notified for all updated info on Products.


How come then We don't get notified of this before hand, and the oscommerce Admin Panel does not show product notifications, listing which customers want one.



Thanks to anyone's Imput.

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ah the Fourm screwed up it posted this three times, i mean this Topic three times, i went to post it and it was forever slow doing it so i hit the back button and tried again and nope it was forever slow, third try was Good.



You need more server Bandwidth. :P

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In the following link I found My answer, But the person did make it all to clear, I will Explain.





This Post Was Made In Nov 2002


As you read his instructions one thing I found out was, it does not matter if your customers only have one notification click or if they chose to click Global when hey signed up.


When you send the Notification Select all of your products from the screen and Click On the Global button, this means that the ones who chose GLOBAL will get all of the product updated information and the ones who only wanted one or two or three or four, you get the Idea.


Unfortunately the database does not send which products have been updated.


So i created a letter and going to use it as a standard letter each time.

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