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MySQL / Shared SSL


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I'm afraid I've been stuck at this point for the past 2 days, and I've finally decided to turn to the forum for some guidence.


I don't think I'd consider this as much an OSC problem as it as a MySQL problem, but they are related.


I'm trying to install OSC onto a server with a SharedSSL connection. There is a Virtual Link between the SSL server and my html document root, so I don't have to worry about transferring any files over.


My issue is that I've created a user under MySQL, he has ALL PRIVILEGES and his host is set to "%" (anything) Now, whenever I run a script on a remote computer (i.e. the SSL Server) the scripts connect without a hitch and everything goes smoothly, BUT, as soon as I try to run a script from the same server that MySQL is on (localhost) I get an "ACCESS DENIED" error.


I first noticed the problem during installation. Whenever I ran /catalog/install/ on the server that MySQL is located, and entered the IP as the Database host, I'd get the "ACCESS DENIED" error, but if ran the same configuration with the same values (database IP/Host, username, database, password) on the SSL server (different machine) It would connect without a problem.


Any ideas as to how to allow the user to connect both from Remote computers AND local host?


Again, it's a MySQL problem, not OSC, but I'm running low on options. Help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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That looks a bit long and boring. Let me sum it up.


the MySQL user that I created has allowed host privileges set to "%"


As it stands, apparently, it means that he can connect from any remote connection, but can't connect locally.


Is it possible to set permissions that both remote AND local connections are allowed for the same user?

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