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If you Do This


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If you emptied a Table, can you just upload the "Text file backup" of that table table, without having to create a new table.


I have not emptied any yet, but wanted to know if i wanted to backup my products price, by the way of choosing "structure and Data" save the file and change the prices, then load it backup into the Empty Table.


Is this possible and has anyone done this, it is just a thought of doing it with out all this Excell and Acess stuff.



Or just save the Data instead of Both Structure and Data.

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The structure backup in phpMyAdmin includes the CREATE command, so yes, you can do it without creating the table separately. If you include the option to drop the table, you don't have to delete the table. I'm pretty sure that if you only empty a table, it's still there, so you can just do a restore of the data without the structure on an empty table.




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Ok I tried this and was successful at doing it, yaaaaaa no more Excel or Access uploads.


Ok here is what i did, for those who would like to know and don't already.


1. You must have a database of course.

2. Mysql PhPmy Admin Database or one that allows to do this.

3. First thing you want to do is click on the Products link on the left handside of the Admin Control.

4. Second thing you do is click on Export link.

5. Choose these 2 options only, choose "Data Only" and Check off save as a file, these are the only options you need to choose.

6. Save the file anywhere you like on your hard-drive.

7. Make sure that the file is Ok by opening it, see if all the info is there.

8. If file is ok then change prices to what you want, you can change the name of the products and a few other things if you desire too.

9. After changing what you wanted, you then go to the Database and click on the "Empty Link" and tell it yes to empty the table, Whatever you do, Don't click the "DROP" Link.

10. Next thing you do is click on the "SQL" Link and under the "Query Box" there is a smaller box that allows you to browse you files on your hard-drive, find the file you changed your prices in and click on it.

11. Click the Go Button and That should be it.



Please, I know it works for me and I don't know if it will work for you, but if you have these options I do not see why it would not.


Remember try it at your own Risk.


This is a Great Option as you don't have to change your prices One by One in the Oscommerce Admin, all you get to do now is change them on one Page and Upload it to your database.


If anyone else has done this post here.

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