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Upload problem


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First of all, great contribution, just what I was looking for, thank you sincerely.


Now, if I can just get it working....


My PHP skills are virtually non-existent (but fast improving to poor), but I think there are a couple of typos which stop it even having a chance to work.


First, the configure.php define is suggested as


define('DIR_WS_UPLOADS', DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'uploads/');


yet the directory supplied is "upload". I think the two should match so either rename upload to uploads or change the 'uploads/' to 'upload/'


Then there is a parse error on line 74 of upload.php.


if (tep_not_null($file['size']) and ($file['size'] > 307200) {


Initially I thought this was because of the "and" instead of "&&" but I blive it's because of a missing bracket i.e.


if (tep_not_null($file['size']) && ($file['size'] > 307200)) {


Hope this is right, upload.php at least parses with that.


Now, my problem. Having set everything up in admin for an upload product I add to cart, it seems to take some time indicating that it IS uploading my file but then it returns with


"Error Destination does not exist"


Has anyone else had this. Is that extra bracket in the wrong place???


Any help greatly appreciated. I have the upload directory in place under images, the define matches it and it is chmod to 777. I'm a bit lost.





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