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attributes, infinite possibilities


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I have products that are available in a few colors, usually 1-5, but can be available in up to approximately 200 sizes. I have no problem getting the attributes to work. The problem is, sometimes one color is available in different sizes than the other colors.


Black may be available in sizes A, B, C, D, E, F, G and h


White may only be available in A, B, and F


The problem is that if I add an option name of size and an option name of color, it allows you to choose a color and any size available. I need to limit sizes based on color choice. I could, of course, create an attribute that includes color and size, ie WhiteA or BlackB, but the number of combinations is prohibitive.


Any ideas???

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Does this make sense? I guess what I need is, if the user chooses white, only sizes available in white are shown. I they choose black, only sizes available in black are shown.


Is this possible? It is a very common usability feature.

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Check this thread. I also believe that you could do this by making the product into a category and using the Categories Description contribution to give the description. Then you would select size or color options as a sub-category and it would only show the available options for that size/color.




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Any other thoughts? Follow this link for an image of what I'm trying to accomplish. It would be as simple as applying two option names and two option values to a product at the same time. The end result, for example, would be a white product in size xxl. This would eliminate creating a white product and an xxl product. The purpose of this would be to allow different size availability in different colors. I'm hoping to have this functionality for several thousand products, so ease of use is essential.




Thank you in advance for any help provided.



Best Regards-

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