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Checkout Looping back to Sign-In page


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Hello again! I've stumbled across a problem with the checkout process on my site. You can add some items to your cart with no problem. However, when you click on "Checkout" it takes you back to the Log-In screen. I can tell my the URL address that it is jumping on to my shared SSL server to continue the checkout process. The problem is...the order information is lost after I sign in again. The cart contents are empty. Can anyone explain what's happening and how to correct it.


Here's a link to my site if you want to set up an account and try it yourself.




Thanks in advance!


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I too had this problem. However sometimes it does complete. But another problem I am having is that there seems to be 3 different shopping carts. For example A person adds 1 - A to their cart, the cart comes up empty on the right column (default layout) and empty when you view it. They then Add 1 - B, still comes up blank but when they add 1 - C their cart shows 1-A. Everytime you go to a new page or hit refresh the cart cycles through to each of the 3 different carts. Anyone have any clue as to whats goin on here/ how to fix it?

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Just signed up for an account at your site. Had no problems at all.


I was able to add items and go to checkout.(removed items so you wouldn't have a "test/fake" order)


BUT...I am NOT on AOL.


Dunno if this will fix your problem, but for my site.....


I had a customer from AOL that kept looping and couldn't even see the site. The fix turned out being:


in admin--> configuration--> sessions


I had to set "check IP address" to False.


Customer was then able to view and complete her sale.


Sure hope this helps.





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jd: If you're still having the issue, does it occur with all purchase methods or just with credit card purchases? And if it's just credit card purchases, are you using another site to do the processing? If so, the session ID of the user is possibly getting lost in the process (since the cc processing site doesn't know to return the session ID) which would confuse osC.


It's just a wild guess.. since I haven't played much with the cc aspects of osC yet, but it's the most likely scenario I can think of.

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