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Editing table layouts


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I'm trying to really strip back the look of my catalogue, with basically 4 direct-linked categories and a little shopping cart in the corner, but am having troubles finding which bits of code to edit to get the layouts right.

I'm using the Simple Template System, which allowed me to easily rip most unwanted stuff out, but the core table layouts of the product info etc is throwing the site out of whack, and I don't know which files to edit to fix this. I really know my way around table coding, but I can't find the bloody things to edit! ; )


Need mainly the shopping cart table layout (both for main content and little corner box), product info / list / details table layout, and anything else that might pop up to through it out of whack.


I've already found one or two bits of bad table coding, can't remember where, things like no table row declared or forgetting to close off table data. If I know where to look, I can fix 'em.

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In general, the table will be defined in the file whose name is in the URL. If not, check the includes and requires to find more files. application_top and application_bottom should not have any HTML in them, so you should be able to skip them.




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