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here's a problem that's hard to explain


i have a shared ssl server


you see, when i upload pictures, it'll upload to my web server, but it won't upload to my ssl server


this means that when i go to the ssl server, I won't be able to see the picture since it's only uploaded to my web server


is it possible when uploading a file that it'll upload in both the ssl server and web server

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If ssl server would be configure right, you would not have to have 2 of everything



even if i hv a SHARED ssl server?


because everytime there's a new file i update in the web server, i hv to update it again in the shared ssl server

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I am no expert on SSL, but if you have shared SSL as your only option that's either not going to do or you can still get your own certificate. But you must get out of your mind that this is not going to cost money. If it isn't, then it's not going to help your customers (they don't like security popups) or you.

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What's your host's configuration in httpd.conf for your site and the shared SSL site? How is their file system set up (mounts and symbolic links). If you can get enough info, I could probably tell you a way to configure this such that the shared SSL points to the same place as the regular http requests.


The best answer that I can give without all that info is that you need to tell your host to point the HTTPS_SERVER URL to the same document root as the HTTP_SERVER.




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