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The e-commerce.

New Person need help in shipping.


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Hey I am New to this Form and to osC. I need Help with shipping Module.


I fine the module it is Region Based Rates. I need help if it can be done in

Region Based Rates.

How can i set up a Price in % for shipping OK here what i have



This would be call Low Order.

But i would like to change it to this if it can be done this way it is Zone 8 it have a Price of 25% of shipping?



I need it to have the same shipping price. Because I don't have weight on thing in my merchandise I'm sale. Thin I need to have Low order and High order. Like order under $25.00 the shipping need to a Flat Rate how would I do that in this order?


This would be call High Order.

Thin I need to set up a High shipping Rate like if an order is $500.00 the shipping price would be lower thin low order can this be done?

If so can anyone please show me an EXAMPLES on how to do this?

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I'm not exactly sure I understand what your asking, but possiblly this will help. I modified the region base shipping module to reflect % of total sale.

See my earlier post for the code change. It is a small code change.


click here


Now, I still need to have another mod to this but, I've given up till now. I need to have a flat rate minimum such as 6.50 for all orders under $75.00, then 76.00 - 500.00 = x%. and so forth. As I said I have the module giving me the proper percentage based on total sales, but still need the flat rate. If I understood you correctly you need that also. Maybe some kind person will jump in here and give us a clue. :unsure:

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