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Error on page in admin section


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This is really starting to anoy me and I can not work out why


in admin I get error on page everytime I mouse over the option in the middle of the screen, ie


If I go to add a new product and mouse over the list of already setup products I get a box popup asking me to debug, which i did to start with, upon looking at the scripts in visual studio 6 which is what the debugger opened it in there is one word highlighted in yellow which I presume is the error, only this error is always the last item added, so if I manage to add a new item I get the error again but it is the new item highlighted and not the previous one that was highlighted.


this happens on every single option I select in the admin control panel.


what is going on here, I turned of the debug notification and now still get error on the page but I can work again. All these files were uploaded in ascii and are standard so why do I constantly get this error.


Another error is with the shop itself, where sometimes I will get a </ appear in the last box on the column_right between the box name and the box content. but this happens in every language and is intermitant.


I have checked all the various scripts and not been able to find an open tag anywhere, but if you do a view source on the page it appears at the very bottom.


Not being a php guru I have no idea why this intermittant fault is appearing or what it actually means, also sometime the footer banner does not appear if this </ error is present.


Any help here would be appreciated as I am going insane looking for it.





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