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Problems with "next" and "previous" buttons


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I don't know why this is happening, but the "next" and "previous" functions aren't working properly on my site: You can only navigate through the first displayed page (which lists 8 items) and not through the entire product listing (which lists 57 products altogether).

This seems to hold true throughout the site, so I think that problem is with this bit of code in product_listing.php:




OR, it might be here, in product_info.php :




Is this an "array" problem? Whatever it is, I'm unable to find out why or where this problem is occurring.


Can someone please help figure this one out? Thank you :).

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To see this in action, go to Bluefire Gifts and select a category, then a subcategory; finally, click on a product image on the first displayed page (first 8 items) and then navigate using the "next" and "previous" buttons on the product page: You'll only be able to navigate through the first 8 items... :huh:

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Not to doubt you, but did you follow the steps above? I'll spell it out this way, using the "collectibles" category as an example:


1. Go to Bluefire Gifts.


2. Click the "collectibles" header tab.


3. Click any subcategory, but I'll use "headknockers" as an example.


4. Click on the "Alfred E. Neuman" image and the page for this product opens.


5. Click on the "next" button EIGHT TIMES.


6. You will be brought BACK TO the page with "Alfred E. Neuman".


Try doing it this way and let me know what happnes, okay? Thanks.

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