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The e-commerce.

READ AND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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Not bad considering that I am a complete newbie.

anyway that's enough ego boosting.


Remember and change your user and pass to something of your own as ADMIN is a defacto

No longer giving free advice. Please place deposit in meter slot provided.  Individual: [=] SME: [==] Corporation: [===]
If deposit does not fit one of the slots provided then you are asking too much! :P

Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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Yes all ready done. Steve Thanks Man When do you want the Beer, Christmas.....LOL


Hey Willem


I got my Freaking Newsletter working, don't know about the product notification yet.

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Ah Bill if I can call you that explain were to type this in the MySQL database.




and Thanks



EDIT:Have you done this yet?

Are you still there willem.


Please explain this ti me before i go and do it.


do have a link to some where that explains how to do this, that would be even better saves time for you to explain.

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Where to input this command? Well it really depends, I use phpMyAdmin but I'm not sure it's installed on your host. If it is you just type what I said in the query window. How do you normally access MySQL?


If you don't get any responses from me now, that's because it's 1:44 am now, I ought to be getting some sleep!




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Ok I login through my hosting control panel. PHPMYADMIN is installed.


All I see at the end of the Oscommerce is Empty


in the Query base Box i typed truncate orders two words should it be only truncate or will the Empty do the Same thing.



Please reply before you go to bed :)



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One possible way to do this is to give MySQL the truncate command:


truncate orders


This will erase the contents, reset the counter but leave your table layout intact.


There, HTH



EDIT: oh and perhaps you should do orders_products, orders_products_attributes, orders_status_history (NOT orders_status!) & orders_totals too!





This works for all you want to know, if you need to ask any questions let willem or me know.


I do believe clicking on the Empty button would have done the same thing.


read which ones to do!

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May I suggest taking a quick tutorial in SQL? Database manipulation is alot easier than "clicking" your way around sometimes.


This is a good one: SQL Tutorial


Also VIM is a great php editor. Found that here in the forums.

Download VIM


Just a couple suggestions if havn't looked into them already. I am sure they will come in handy in the future.


Good luck! I am new myself. :huh:

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