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The e-commerce.

READ AND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


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Ok who here knows this Cart in and out.


As I am going Nuts here, i appreciate any help anyone can give to me.



I read info in the search engine of Oscommerce about Invoices and packing slips and printing these Items.


1. I did a test order all I received is the normal email that the customer would get telling them what they purchased, I CALL THIS A ORDER FORM.


2. Me being the ADMIN did not receive any email showing that I have and Order to process.


3. Where are these mysterious Invoices and packing slips you are suppose to print, when does THE ADMIN see these or can print these.


4. how come I still can't receive any Newsletters i create with this Oscommerce.


5. Product Notification is not working either.


6. What do you people consoder being ORDER FORM and INVOICES.


7. The order FORM in the MSQL database the number is the same as the email I got when pretending to be a customer.



8. Do I have to Manually change the Status of the order to pending to processing to delivered.


9 When i did do the Status changed, me as being the pretending customer never got any update to tell me what staus my orders was at, I know the customer can go to their account and see what the status is at, but why would they need to when they should be able to get it in their email.




PLEASE help if you can, I want this cart to work i lke it, but it is very confusing as so many MODS out their and I don't know which one to use if needed to be.




AND this is what is in the list in the DATABASE is there anything missing.

















































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Ok got second email to work,


now what about the packing slips I see it in My editor but what do i do with It i can' print it and write on it can i I don't see invoices to print any where i am lost right now, i am new to this cart and database but i am learning fast.



Anymore help appreciated.


Do you guys Class the second EMAIL as your Invoice to the customer If so then the number is the same as the Customers Number, so therefore how can it be an Invoice it is a ORDER form, please people don't confuse us, between order form and Invoices.


I see the Invoice File in ADMIN folder but again what to do with it how do i go about print So called Invoices and Packing Slips?

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Ok also How do I get to see the Invoice page and the Packing slip pages as I would as a Website as when i type in the URL to that page i get server error becasue it wants me to login OSCOMMERCE admin login what the login for this.


I am so confused that i don't know where I live in canada or the shopping cart Country Brazil or maybe Australia.


I am just kidding.........LOL


Is there anything missing in the DATABASE list ABOVE in the upper post from me that i should have.

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How where i must be not catching on here or we are not talking the same area can you post a PIC to what i should be looking at.




I see the .PHP file invoice i have my edito but I don't see any customer invoice.


all i see is the .php code

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Why don't you calm down and do some experimenting on your own? You really shouldn't need us to hold your hand. If you are desperately trying to learn osCommerce because your webshop goes live tomorrow morning at 9am, then my friend you have a big problem.


All your questions are answered if you just take a bloody look at your admin panel and do the settings that need to be done. To me your tone sounds a bit commanding, we don't have the obligation to answer all your questions, especially not if they can be answered by simply looking at what is already there. RTFM, read the Wiki Documentation for starters.


Now, before you start firing off all your webdesign questions as well, do some experimenting yourself first! We're all glad to help but put some effort into it yourself for god's sake.




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I am not demanding anything it may look like it in the caps but that is not what i am expressing to be.


sorry if you took offense to it.


I read that Bloody f****** manual 3 times there is nothing in it explain what i have asked several times.


I do appreciate all the help you can give, but when in fact i do need this site up and running for Monday if possible.



So if anyone can help please do so, i see many of you have more experience at this cart than i do.



Can you please post pictures if you can to show where i have to go, or explain it.



As for hold my hand Shit does your shopping cart work if so, did you do all by yourself and if so GOOD FOR YOU.


If not than than don't complain when others need help andf fast instead of telling to read that f####$$$%$ manual why don't you help instead.

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it is not a lack of patience, everyone here is more than ready to help. When you post repeatedly,




It just gets a little overbearing... anyway, if your site goes live at 9am, you have about 12 hours to get reading, shouldnt be too hard :) kidding.

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it is not a lack of patience, everyone here is more than ready to help. When you post repeatedly,




It just gets a little overbearing... anyway, if your site goes live at 9am, you have about 12 hours to get reading, shouldnt be too hard :) kidding.

Ok it has to up on Moday if possible.


all I need to know right now is how to see the invoice.php i called the database shoppingcart it made that folder on my server in that folder i have admin folder click on that and i see the order.php and the invoice.php and serveral other files and folders.


I don't know what version this Oscommerce is how do i tell my hosting companyinstalled it for me.

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I tried the www.yourdomain.com/catalog/admin and did not work i put my domain name in and shoppingcart where catalog would be and then I get this login Box come up saying login into oscommerce ADMIn i try what ever login i could think of and NO go.

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Monday hey? Good luck.


Well Mocc, sorry to dissapoint you with my temper. As you can see I have a nice counter below my username and I think quite a lot of people are happy with the way I have helped them. Look my posts up if you want to see. Why not do some searching in general?


I too have had trouble in the beginning, related to inexperience. I did not flood the forums with every little thing I encountered. What's even more amazing, I looked for answers posted by others ages ago before posting my question. And yes I did most things by myself and I'm running a great website, thank you.

If you cannot even find the admin panel then that tells me that you have either not read the manual or you have something in your eyes preventing you from seeing. You will excuse me for my lack of patience for people with a lack of patience.


And a lack of time as you mentioned. Seriously, good luck getting it done by Monday. On a serious note I doubt you will be able to build a professional website in such little time, perhaps the standard osCommerce website with your name on top but that's hardly a professional website. I also seriously doubt your customers will feel any differently. But that's just me and I of course have no experience with osCommerce :D


EDIT: Excuse me, I'll stop posting in this thread now so people can answer to your post.

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Did you download MS2 from this site or do you have a modified one from somewhere else?? You should not have to log in to your admin unless you password protected it or have something like MS2-MAX which has a mod requiring a log in to get into the admin section

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I did not download it my hosting company installed it for me, how do i tell what version i have.


as for William my good pal, I have seen and gone into the ADMIn serveral times and there is two admins the Folder and the Database as matter of fatc there is Three my control panel ADMIN.


anyway i have 90% complete this agoninzing cart .

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at login did you try the standard ADMIN for user and password?

No longer giving free advice. Please place deposit in meter slot provided.  Individual: [=] SME: [==] Corporation: [===]
If deposit does not fit one of the slots provided then you are asking too much! :P

Is your Osc dated try Phoenix  raising oscommerce from the ashes.

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at login did you try the standard ADMIN for user and password?

Oh My Goodness


241 first of all That is a great Name you have Steve.


And second the admin and password worked.



Now I see the packing slips and invoices man I owe you a Gallon of Beer Dude.


I have been wondering what the heck the others were saying ADMIN customers i was looking my ws_ftp program and the MySQL Database.


So simple of a question and so simple of an answer, something i overlooked.


Ok next question, how do i set the Order number Back to 1 as i have made so many test orders, I hope anyone can answer this.

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One possible way to do this is to give MySQL the truncate command:


truncate orders


This will erase the contents, reset the counter but leave your table layout intact.


There, HTH :)



EDIT: oh and perhaps you should do orders_products, orders_products_attributes, orders_status_history (NOT orders_status!) & orders_totals too!

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