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Discount by purchase method


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I am ready to take my store live but have one problem left. When customers order products with CCs, I don't receive payment from 2checkout.com (CC processor) for 2-4 weeks but I have to buy the product from my distributor right away. Without sufficient credit or a backer this is a difficulty I haven't figured out how to deal with yet. Starting at the busiest time of year makes it even worse. Hopefully in a month or so after the store opens, this won't be a problem any longer.


One solution I came up with was to offer a 20% discount on all check/money order/paypal orders. This would shift enough sales to immediate payment to ease the problem.


But how do I implement it? The easiest would be to offer a 20% rebate instead but I'm afraid this would turn people away.


A osc hack for this is a bit much for me to create. It would have to show the discount on checkout after payment method was selected. It would also have to calculate the total with the discount and also show these figures on the email invoice.


Does anyone have a suggestion for an easier/alternate method?


Does anyone feel like writing this hack for me?


Obviously, I could just not accept CCs but I was hoping not to do that. I feel that not accepting CCs would make me look less professional and drive away customers. Not sure how a discount to checks will look but I think it is better than not taking CCs.


Any input would be appreciated.

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