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Randomize Order Numbers?


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Anyway to randomize each order so that it is not incrementing? I found one contribution, but it was last updated on 4/13/2003 so it does not apply to MS2. I also did a search but came up empty handed.


Someone has to have coded one or atleast found one. Anyone?

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This is a very small change - should be no problem using this in ANY version. There is ONLY 1 file that needs added code all other changes are straight forward and very general.


It should work with MS2.


Good Luck

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Note: what jpf said is true, so long as you don't add letters into the order number. If you add letters, you would be better off adding a new field and displaying that where appropriate. Otherwise, you have to change every call that assumes that the order number will be an int.




What I am saying (and from what I looked at) this contribution ONLY give a step by step change and is very general - should work with nearly any version.

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