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Looking for a kind, experienced soul for help


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Well, huge for me, anyway.

I've scoured the forums and the wiki and the code. I am completely new at this and am very proud that I managed to get as far as I have, but now I've got some complicated things going on and I could use some advice.


Site in question is at http://dev.eeep.com/. client keeps waffling on whether or not he wants a real shopping cart, so I decided to use OSC, turn off al the cart features and use it as a database for now. In the future, if he changes his mind again, I can just pick up the cart features easily. Cool.


On each of the product pages in the site (such as http://dev.eeep.com/products/goods.shtml), the white box in the center is an iframe and I've got a plain page that "feeds" it. There are six product categories.


OK> Now the OSC part. I'd like to make those six plain pages contain the stuff on the category pages (such as http://dev.eeep.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=21) in my catalog. (Minus the breadcrumb path and the blank column on the left, of course.) The trick is that I want the layout of the thumbnails to look like the product box on this page: http://dev.eeep.com/catalog/index.php (again, minus the blank left column and the breadcrumb path). Oh, I also want those $0.00 price things disabled.


So, I know it's lots of explanation, but it boils down to this:

1. where do I go to re-layout the category page?

2. Do I simply use a PHP include (targeting each category page) on my blank pages that go into the iframe on my product pages?


Hm. that's more succinct than it was in my brain. this is great...must mean I'm learning something. ;) Any advice anyone has for my particular brand of drama would be most appreciated.



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index.php is where you would start - and product_info.php. You will probably need to make copies of these that do not include the header, footer, and columns - otherwise they will all display in your iframe and this doesn't look good. Be sure to always include application_top.php





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that info does help immensely, thanks.

Except I've been looking at the code in the product_info.php page for a couple of days now and I don't know how to lay out the product information to mimic the way it looks on the index.php page. I'm completely lost.

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