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The e-commerce.

Which version to use?


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I would like to download OSCommerce to use on a site that I am currently developing. I am aiming to get this site 'live' and ready to trade by the beginning of December.


On the downloads page there are a few options to choose when downloading, including Releases, Daily Snapshot and Milestones. I was going to download from the Releases section as I need the site to be stable, however it states


It is suggested to try a development daily snapshot release of osCommerce 2.2 which is overall a superior solution to the Preview Release 2.1 release.


Is this stable to use in a live environment? Which version would you recommend that I download? Is there any timescale for the release of 2.2.


Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search for the answers to my questions but could not find anything.

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osCommerce v2.2 Milestone 2 would be your best bet. It is stable and will be the base for most contributions once they are updated.


The CVS version is usable but generally only for those that don't mind fixing code themselves or updating from the CVS server on a regular basis.

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