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Assign products models to each product attribute


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At the moment I have about 1300 items in my store - for simplicity sake lets assume my store uses the coding convention 000001, 000002, 000003 etc etc for product model.


At the moment those 1300 products are made up of about 400 unique products and the rest are for variations of those 400 unique products. For example 000001 could be the product code for a green apple, while 000002 is for a red apple and 000003 is for a yellow apple etc etc


I want to be able to create a master record called apple with each option / attribute having its own code so when someone chooses a red apple it automatically knows it is product 000002 and not 000001 which is a green apple!


Can this be done? If not I will have to leave it as it is and it looks very unprofessional at the moment!


If it cant be done as a part of a contribution can anyone here do it as chargeable work?


Thanks in advance



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I have the same problem, however I have worked around it as such:


I sell holsters that have different firearm models and finishes.


Using the attribute sorter/copier I put in all possible variations. Then I put in the holster make and use a sub-model that is selected in the attribute sorter copier for the firearm make/finish. It works like this:


Holster model : Firearm Make : Finish : Right Hand/Left Hand

6400 : Glock 23 - 64 : Gloss Black - 13 : Right Hand - 1


6400-64-13-1 : Final Model


This is actually what I order from my Supplier. You can come up with infinite variations to this. This also makes it so that I can separate everything on my reports.




Arizona COPS Supply

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