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session id and language


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Hello all,


My last post remained unanswered so I tried to isolate the problem a bit more.


Original post:


I just completed a fresh intall of MS2.2 using the web install.


I have the following problem:


If I accept the cookie when viewing the catalog or the admin, I cannot see any page. I obtain a <html><body></body></html>.


If I don't accept the cookie, I obtain the same thing, unless I delete the osCID (or osCAdminID) manually from the URL.


I specified for my session to be stored in the Db.



I found out exactely the why. When a session id is specified (through URL or cookie) the system can not define the $language. Meaning that in application_top, it can not call the language file and it creates a blank page.


How do I fix this? As a reminder, this is a virgin install. The only thing done is moving the admin folder somewhere else and modifying the config files accordingly.


If you can point me in the right direction, I would appreciate.


Many thx.



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Ok. I tried to dig a bit more.


It is definite, $language remains null if the session is registered. This means that the line 130 of application_top is the problematic one.


<code> require(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '.php');</code>



How does the system get the $language variable out of the session id?


And another quick question: In the admin section there is a functions/languages.php and it doesn't seem to be called anywhere. Is this right?

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Sessions store the values of variables. When you start the session, it should upload all the variable values into the appropriate variables.


Try switching session handlers (from files to mysql or mysql to files, as appropriate).




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I changed both STORE_SESSIONS from "mysql' to '' and nothing the problem remained.


Also I noticed that my session table is now at 29 rows and I haven't been on the site for a while. Is this normal?


I looked into a session:



so I guess that the session does capture the language. It is that php can not grab the info back and put it in $language.


I have to admit that this problem starts to wear me down. Any help? Can it be on the host site as I am shared hosted with GoDaddy.


Thx for all help.

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